k, ok, I admit it; even if my husband and that i are old enough to have raised two teenagers, we in truth do have a intercourse existence. My kids, on the other hand, can be mortified to learn that the 2 of us still have healthy libidos, so, for everyone’s sake, i’d just as soon they continue to be completely clueless.

the problem, after all, is retaining stated intercourse existence non-public. it is unhealthy enough having to sneak around like two love-starved.neatly.youngsters after we wish to have a little bit enjoyable. however now, with two techno savvy children in the house, we should be very wary as to what we maintain on the pc, as well.

Like many couples, my husband and i have been identified to peruse grownup sites collectively – for one thing, we have now found that it’s a great way to get ourselves in the temper – and now we have our justifiable share of favorite photos and movies that we have gathered over time. we have even on occasion put our personal e-digicam and video digicam to use (with very ample results) and edited the final product on the computer.

it’s here, however, that we’ve run into bother. One laptop, two teenagers, dirty pictures. can you hear the screams of ache (on all sides) from right here?

fortuitously, over time now we have figured out a couple of easy methods to maintain ourselves and our youngsters protected from the shame and horror of discovery. here are our secrets and techniques; with a bit of luck you can profit from our hard-earned knowledge and steer clear of any screaming of your own.

fake Folder Names

it will work when your kids are younger. Put all your fun footage and movies into one folder, cover it in some arduous to succeed in position and rename it something totally boring, like “Taxes2005” or “favourite Recipes.” if your youngsters do, certainly, stumble across the folder, they may be bored to tears and never undertaking close to the file again. in fact, the primary drawback right here is that even youngsters too young to grasp better had been known to click on files out of curiosity or by accident. And older youngsters are too good to be put off via “pictures of Aunt Gertrude” for long.

Create a Separate consumer Account

if you are running windows XP, you will have bought another alternative. Create separate person debts, along with distinctive pcs, for every member of the household. (you can do that by way of clicking on user money owed within the keep watch over Panel.) each and every particular person can customize his or her personal computer, making slightly room of one’s personal, so to talk. Make it a rule that each and every member of the household has to stay to their own pc, on the other hand, so that no one by chance ends up in your house. the disadvantage to this technique is that, although everything seems as if it can be in a separate position, it’s in fact all for your arduous force, and a computer savvy teen could in finding your secret information without an excessive amount of effort.

Zip or Encrypt Your information

both of those methods provide a rather safe various for holding your secret photos and videos private. Zipping files is straightforward; in XP which you could merely proper click and apply the directions, then password give protection to the file. same with encryption instrument, which can be offered or, in many circumstances, downloaded free. Then it is a matter of striking your entire naughty subject matter into one situation and following the software specs.

the disadvantage to those two strategies is that quite a lot of time is spent un-encrypting and re-encrypting, which is hardly ever a sexy approach to spend these valuable few moments alone. And one giant warning: Your file names *will* turn out for your media participant’s playlist. What this implies is that when your teen pulls up green Day’s “American fool,” he’s going to be capable of see that somebody else has been taking part in one thing referred to as “Raging Lust!” excellent good fortune trying to provide an explanation for that one away.

CoupleBox by means of a long way one of the simplest ways to maintain your sexy files away out of your all-too enquiring teens, hackers or even laptop theives, is something referred to as the CoupleBox ( http://www.couplebox.com .) principally this nifty new tool is a password protected media participant of its personal, this means that that it is not just a place to store your recordsdata, it in truth plays your videos and shows your pictures in an clever way. the large advantage right here is that your video titles stay out of all different media participant playlists, which is a definite plus if your children are old enough to be paying attention to song or watching movies on the computer. And your jpg and mpg file names won’t come up on any searches, either. but highest of all; it’s enjoyable!

that you could create playlists of your individual and organize your pictures and videos into favorites and albums. which you could even customize your CoupleBox with “moods” that are cute (or sexy) possible choices to that oh-so-boring blue media player you have got been using. it is also acquired super security; so long as you keep your recordsdata in CoupleBox the place they belong, no one, not even your pc-geek-in-the-making youngster, will have the ability to get right of entry to them. the one downside is that when you are the use of CoupleBox in play mode you would not have get right of entry to to your computer, because of this that you could’t check your mail or surf if you are observing your favourite sexy motion pictures or looking at these photos that you took of each and every other on trip. however, no distractions equals more enjoyable, so possibly that’s a just right thing!

just do not inform the youngsters.

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