have you ever felt like that? once I first heard that, it hit me like a ton of bricks. To be in LOVE like that or to be liked like that might just rule forever. Is that not what we are all yearning for? can we now not searching for out LOVE from the 2nd we breathe as an baby? We search our folks eyes for that seem of love. We smile because we are aware of it makes them smile with the LOVE that they feel for us.

to like or to not LOVE? this is the question we all contemplate via out life.

Why can we yearn to be someones everything? we would like nothing greater than to feel just like the LOVE of one`s lifestyles. We spend our lives searching for that different person in order to make our world seem like a dream. We need to really feel secure and secure in our collection of companions. however how do we in point of fact know that this one is “the one” we can LOVE unconditionally ceaselessly? How do we all know that this selection of LOVE will not wreck our coronary heart? How do we all know that this LOVE will LOVE us when the chips are down and we’re not that good person that they fell in LOVE with?

well I hate to sound like a moist blanket right here on a chilly evening, however nothing is guaranteed. lifestyles guarantees us nothing. We make our lives what they’re, right at this second. In issues of the heart we gamble, and as i’ve stated ahead of, to present LOVE is to chance losing LOVE. that’s just another a type of bleary data. Like rain storms and snowfalls, we haven’t any control over anything that nature has given to us. we will most effective do our highest with what now we have. i’ve spoken ahead of about presents. smartly, LOVE is a gift when it is given and when it is got. It does no longer occur as a result of we say we wish it to, or once we like a person and say “LOVE me”. HA. i am positive that virtually everybody in the market will agree to that. i am additionally sure that the phrase “Stalker” comes from that notion.

LOVE is usually a very frightening risk. “have you ever ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it! It makes you so inclined. It opens you up, completely exposing your coronary heart best to let any individual get within you and twist issues up so tight, that you can barely breathe. You build up defenses, you construct a complete swimsuit of armor, so that nothing can harm you, then that particular person, no longer seeming any different from every other individual, wanders into your lonely lifestyles. You provide them your heart. They failed to ask for it. They did something one day, like kiss you or smile your way, and then your lifestyles is not your own to any extent further. LOVE takes your heart hostage. LOVE swarms within you. LOVE devours your complete being and leaves you crying within the darkness. With the easy phrase, “lets simply be friends”, it turns right into a knife, cutting its manner into your coronary heart. The ache is like no other you’ve got ever felt nor ever wish to feel again. not simply in your creativeness, now not just within the mind. it’s like losing a part of who you are, or slightly who you have been. That my friends is one cause we are so careful to now not make the wrong LOVE possibility. i do know reading this positively makes one by no means want to do this. but we do, over and over. Why?

Is it this kind of deep needed want that we truly don’t have any regulate? Is cupids arrow that sturdy? yes on both counts.

LOVE is without doubt one of the most powerful sensations we will be able to ever suffer in our lives.

LOVE knows no restrict to its energy, no finish to its trust, no loss of its hope.

LOVE can overpower anything else.

LOVE stays up, when all else has falls down.

LOVE is felt when one grasps any other’s hand.

LOVE is as much of an object as an obsession. each person wants it and everybody seeks it, however few ever reach it. folks that do, will cherish it, get lost in it, and amongst all, won’t ever, ever fail to remember it.

LOVE does now not waste time looking for one of the best lover, instead it creates a super love.

LOVE is rather like an hourglass, the center fills up on one aspect because the mind empties the opposite.

LOVE is admiring ones heart: as admiration is the love of ones mind.

LOVE is with you when you least deserve it, because which is when you in reality need it.

These are a number of thoughts that i have that inform me what LOVE is and why LOVE is.

once we’re incomplete, we’re always searching for someone to complete us.We must take into account that except we admit that whereas our accomplice can add candy dimensions to our lives, we by myself are the only ones that may deliver that very same success to ourselves. no one is chargeable for our happiness.

Some people fall into a pattern of needing that NEWNESS LOVE in their relationships. These folks will go from one relationship to any other endlessly, never getting off that roller coaster of failure. They by no means remember that LOVE has stages. LOVE at first is so filled with thriller and pleasure. Then we transfer into turning into happy with one another and mixing our methods to continue to fortify our LOVE for one another. We proceed to develop with each and every other, adding newness to one another with the aid of growing in a single world, but as two people. Our years together construct our highway to our destiny of spending our lives and enduring tribulations as one. If you wish to have existence to at all times be a mattress of roses, you then easiest develop a number of gardens, because the roses will best get there if you develop them or deliver them to your life. In different words sweet individuals of love, your LOVE and fervour is simplest what you are making it. in the event you ignore it or get too busy to feed it, it will die or fade away. it can be like some other dwelling breathing thing. LOVE needs to be treated with respect and treated like the unique reward that it’s.

some other thing we need to be cautious of is to let these we adore be completely themselves, and to not twist them to suit our personal image, otherwise LOVE is best the reflection of ourselves we find in them. LOVE like you mean it, it’s the only actual method to let your LOVE for one any other grow enhanced and continue to be all powerful and beautiful.


Relationships ask us to ponder “endlessly” as a lifestyle.

it is a world without finish of our personal creation.

Toni Sciarra Poynter


the purpose of life is to find your gift.

The work of life is to develop it.

The which means of existence is to give your gift away.

The reward, is LOVE!


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